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Mayo's Baits Web Store will be Closed

 until October 1, 2015

. The web Store will be open 10/01/2015 to 3/31/2016. If you need an emergency order please contact me. This is the only way I can get some time for myself and keep the business open. Thanks everyone for your support over the years.

Mayo's baits provide hand poured baits that are produced with the highest quality materials available. All products are made to order so they are fresh and never mass produced. Custom colors are available upon request. My baits are second to none. They just flat out catch fish!  


Mayo's Baits established 2006

Just give them a look and you will see the quality and workmanship.   All hand poured baits are not the same.

Mayo's Hand Poured Sticks baits are the best around. They are still made by hand one at a time. These Stick baits are loaded with salt soft and durable. They are available in Bulk Packs. Give them a try you won't go back.

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                                                                                                                                                                 Bulk Packs of 4 and 5 inch Stick baits available.

Just Added Bulk packs 50's of the 5 Inch Twin Tail Grubs and 3 inch Stick Baits

Added new Fine Shad glitter its multi colored and makes the baits pop.


Britnee The New Mayo's Baits Bull Frog Model.

Randy Howell 2014 Bass Master Classic Champion at Thayer's Marine Open house 2015

New 5 Inch 'IT' Bait just a little smaller profile the It's 7 Inch big brother. Fantastic bait with a ton of action.

This is the hottest bait of the year.

We have added New 50 packs of the 'IT' Bait. Intro price of $15.99. The demand for these baits has been very high.

Hottest Bait of the year

50 Packs Available Now

The New 'IT' Bait in Green Pumpkin Black and Purple Fleck. One of the hottest baits right now. Top is the 7 inch below the 5 inch.

Bulls Eye Frogs are here.

Check out the New Tri-Colored  Bulls Eyed Frogs.
These are the same frogs that were made by Underdog Baits. I have added them to the Web Store. The action on these Frogs is incredible. More color combinations to come. Scarlet Night, Bull Frog and Black Beauty. 5 per pack $5.99 includes rigging hook, located on page two of the web store.


Bull's Eye Rigging hooks and Swim Bait Hooks are now available in the Web Store. These hooks are designed for the Bull's Eye Frogs, they are also awesome for Swim Baits. Also Available O Rings for the the stick baits and hook keepers. Check them out on the second page of the Web Store.


 My 4 inch and 5 inch Stick Baits come 12 per pack not 10, This is 20% more per pack then my competitors. My stick baits are more durable and heavier then most others. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.Web Store

Mayo's Baits are available at Tournament Tackle in Norton, Ma and Lakeside Motel and Cabins in Me.

 New super 4.5 inch Ring Worms. Available in custom colors. Now available in the Webstore.
6 Inch Twitchin Minnows
New 3 Inch Stick baits. These Baits are 3/8 in Diameter. Great Drop Shot Or Finesse.
New 5 Inch Swim Stick. Now Available
New New New

The New 4 and 5 inch Stick Baits with color tips are available in the Web Store. Testing went great and  I am very excited how they came out. You can get them now. You can add almost any tip you like.
  O'Rings Best price around.  50 for $2.99. 100 for $3.99.

Brand New 6 Inch Curly Tail Stick Bait.  Bait is 6" long to the end of the curl and 6 1/4" hanging.  Stick length is 4.5" and dia. is approx. 3/8"

Get it in the Web Store second page.

2014 N.E. Bass Fishing Seminar in Warwick, RI.

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 Mayo's Baits is a Proud Sponsor of the Rhode Island Bass Federation Nation.

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 Mayo's Baits established 2006

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Stick Baits Bulk Packs 50's

Famous Terd Bait

Creature Baits

The 'IT' Bait now in 5 and 7 inch

Drop Shots

Wacky Stick


Bulls Eyed Frogs

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